Software techie that loves design

That unique experience means we can make beautiful sites that work. Especially when integrating with other sites.

Zlik is a small web design and development company based in Florida. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to create the website you envision. We can help with every aspect of your website: logo design, graphic design, website design, development, and SEO. And, if you need custom software to integrate with your databases or other applications, we can handle that too. If you already have an existing website that needs refreshing, we can update the site and make it responsive.
We work with clients in an iterative process to understand priorities, discuss design options, and then create products for review and refinement. We meet and iterate until we create the website that excites you and exceeds your expectations!


We're there for

the whole lifecycle!


Working with you to design the look and feel of your site and to determine how the content will lay out across the site.


Developing the pages for your site and reviewing them often to make certain they are what you want. Custom code and integrations with other sites as needed.


Keeping your site up to date with latest software versions and making adjustments as needed for your business.

Web Design and Custom Software Development
Responsive websites work on large and small devices
ECommerce experience

Our services

We can help with all aspects of your website design and development. Although we specialize in WordPress, we've also worked with Shopify, Wix, Joomla and HTML. We're quick to learn new environments and tools.

We specialize in WordPress development with both custom and commercial templates. Websites developed in WordPress have many benefits, including improved security, quicker development, and easier maintenance. In many cases, the client can use WordPress to modify the website themselves and avoid additional developer costs.

We understand that websites often need simple updates to match changes in the business. We strive to make our WordPress sites maintainable by the client.

Custom code (PHP, JavaScript, XML/XSL, SQL) to improve functionality or integrate with other applications and databases.

Custom software is often needed to provide additional functionality for a website. This could include unique behaviors on a website (such as a quiz, or improved eCommerce), or integration with other applications or databases. In addition to HTML and CSS, we are skilled in the following languages:

JavaScript, JQuery
WordPress, WooCommerce

Design of beautiful, engaging websites that are a delight to use. Design includes all aspects of the website: colors, style, logo, graphics, typography, navigation, and content.

We design websites that are simple, clean, and inviting to the target audience.

We are experienced with several eCommerce tools, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and PayPal integration. We are also experienced with membership functionality which often works in conjunction with eCommerce purchases.

eCommerce tools make it possible for the client to add, modify, and remove products without the assistance of a developer. We’ll work with you to train you on how to use the eCommerce tool so that you can manage your site without incurring additional developer costs.

Today’s websites need to be responsive so that they display appropriately on all size devices (phones, tablets, and laptops). We can update your current website so that it is responsive and has an updated style. If your website is currently implemented in HTML or an older (unsupported) framework, we can convert it to WordPress so that it is easier for you to maintain.


Sample projects

  • Footsteps To Family

    Footsteps To Family

    A major refresh of the website to update the look, style, images, content and functionality. Incorporated a custom donor search capability which integrates with a third-party HIPAA complaint medical forms site. Added code to generate PDF summaries of donors. This site makes it possible for intended parents to find donors and surrogates to help grow their families.
  • Brooklyn Peace Center

    Brooklyn Peace Center

    A new website for a new center in the heart of Brooklyn. Clean website with gentle animations of text and images. A great example of a starter website with all of the necessary pages and the right amount of content.
  • IM Solutions

    IM Solutions

    Refresh of website to a fresh interactive, animated style. The site is built with WordPress and custom JavaScript to provide the home page animations. As a company that provides technical audio visual solutions, they needed a website to match. The website is developed is designed to be easy for the others to add/modify services, portfolio items, and resources.
  • PLW Modelworks

    PLW Modelworks

    Refresh of website to update the look, show off video capabilities, and provide an interactive map for viewing products produced by PLW Modelworks. The website, developed in WordPress and several map plugins makes it easy for others to add/modify products that are displayed on the map. It has other eye-catching features for exploring the quality of the map models.
  • Summation Research Inc.

    Summation Research Inc.

    A website refresh to update the look, bring in some video and make the site responsive. The website features many of the company's communications products and provides full details online plus a brochure download.
  • DeKeratry Homes

    DeKeratry Homes

    Parallax website for a custom builder. The website, developed in WordPress, includes a gallery that is easily updated by the client. After photos and home descriptions are created, the information is automatically shown on the website's home page. Testimonials are also easily added.
  • Federal Airways & Airspace

    Federal Airways & Airspace

    Refresh of website to update the look, provide forms for submitting quotes, and update information. The website, developed in WordPress and several plugins makes it easy for others to add/modify software products and consulting services.
  • Hohmann Law

    Hohmann Law

    Responsive website for a law firm, but could work for most businesses. The website, developed in WordPress, is designed to make it easy for others to add/modify common items (phone, address, email). Modifying text on most pages is straightforward and can be accomplished by anyone comfortable with editing applications.
  • Safe Money with Scott Mann

    Safe Money with Scott Mann

    Website refresh for a client that wanted to preserve much of the original design, but needed a cleaner look and a responsive website. The website was developed in WordPress and also has customized software to integrate website information with SugarCRM and Constant Contact.
  • Monarch Senior Solutions

    Monarch Senior Solutions

    Responsive website for a senior solutions company. The website, developed in WordPress, contains custom features which make it easy for others to add/modify service pages. It also incorporates gentle animations and some parallax features.
  • Happy Healthy Human

    Happy Healthy Human

    The website for the Happy Healthy Human needed to be refreshed and updated as new owners took over the business. They wanted to feature both sides of the store: the cafe and the market, and feature their wonderful vegan options. The responsive website is developed in WordPress and it is easy for the client to add and modify menu items as well as other descriptive information.
  • Product Website

    Product Website

    eCommerce website developed for a fictitious pickle product. It could be re-purposed for any kind of product. Developed with a custom WordPress template, it is also integrated with WooCommerce to provide shopping cart functionality. This responsive website also features a recipe section and a blog.

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